Charlie and Winona

Tell us about your experience with Salt Lake City Singles
Before using Salt Lake City Singles – we had tried it all – dating co-workers, friends matching us up and of course, online dating. What I loved about Salt Lake City Singles was how they facilitated everything. They not only found our matches and arranged our dates, they even asked Charlie whether he would like to pick up the tab on the first date at the restaurant or if he preferred splitting the bill at the end of the dinner. They took all the awkwardness out of the dating process, so we could meet in a relaxed environment!

Tell us about your first date through Salt Lake City Singles
We had a BLAST from the first night. We wanted something low key, so Salt Lake City Singles arranged a dinner date at a local restaurant. Neither of us wanted the night to end!. We went looking for a good place to dance and ended up at a karaoke bar. Charlie sang the Eagles song “In the Fast Lane”. He even danced to Elvis with me – surprised even him. We couldn’t wait to see each other again! After that, we’d go to dinner, go dancing, rent a movie and stay home. When hunting season started, Charlie took me with him to get the hunting lease. I don’t think he thought I’d like it, but it was a lot of fun. No, I don’t care to shoot anything, but I like the change from the norm… just being together.

Tell us about your lives together now:
All is well. Charlie is my sweetheart and he says I’m his “angel with golden hair”. I believe we can do ANYTHING together! We’re looking forward to an African Safari in the next year or so. We’re working on plans for a log and rock cabin in the country so we can have horses, a dream for both of us!

Singles Dating Pattern

Tami and Brian

Tell us about your experience with Salt Lake City Singles
Tami: My daughter Chelsey actually submitted my information and I decided to join after talking to Alexandra, my Matchmaker at Salt Lake City Singles. The first couple of dates were nice, but I was picky! Things only got serious when I was sent on a date with Brian Garner, who I now consider my “Soul Mate”. Alexandra showed Brian my photos, and according to him it was “love at first glance”. He told me later that he had expressed some concerns to Alexandra about me being “high maintenance” (not true!). After Alexandra found out that we were both wine lovers, he finally agreed to go out on a date over a glass of wine, which turned into a bottle of wine! We had so much to talk about, it was insane!

Brian:When Alexandra introduced me to Tami’s photos and I read her profile, I was instantly in love. Regardless of any differences, and she looked GREAT! On our first date there was never an uncomfortable moment. When we said goodnight, I was never expecting to get a kiss, maybe a hug or a handshake. When she left, I knew she was the one. We phoned each other everyday; and it wasn’t long before she told me she didn’t want to spend a day without me. I felt the same way. We are now happily married and in love.

Singles Dating Pattern